Gus Grillasca
A rebellious, avant-garde spirit probing Bitcoin's potential.
50 minutes
Jure Kastelic
Painting a Bitcoin mythology.
53 minutes
Michael Gambino
A friend and creative polymath discuss creativity and Bitcoin in-person.
Advertising | Education | Painting
48 minutes
World of Rusty
A graphic artist deciphers the world of Bitcoin memes.
Memes | Photoshop
43 minutes
A avowed maximalist trains his own AI models to evoke a Bitcoin ethos.
AI Modeling | Inpainting | Fashion
48 minutes
Marcus Connor
The artist behind The Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy.
Illustration | Painting | Sculpture | Consumer Products
46 minutes
Adam Kadmon
A fine artist laser-focused on leading us into the Bitcoin Renaissance.
Sculpture | Laser Art | Illustration
48 minutes
Roger 9000
Ruminations on music, meaning, metaphysics and making chocolate.
Music | Chocolate
58 minutes
Chris Tramount from Scarce City
Building a Bitcoin art marketplace.
Art Sales | Auctions
47 minutes
A passionate bitcoiner is inspired to take his message to the streets.
Street Art | Paste-Ups
57 minutes
Jimmy Song
An author, educator and Bitcoin developer makes a passionate argument for how fiat debases art.
55 minutes
A Reading of "Areopagus Volume LII"
The Cultural Tutor musing on art and contextualizing bitcoiners' perennial laments.
41 minutes
Alex Schaefer
An educational romp across painting, artistic philosophies, AI and the broken financial system.
65 minutes
Gareth Eckley
Life-long jewelry designer and precious metalsmith making Bitcoin-inspired gemstone art.
Object d'art | Gemstone Carving | Jewelry Design
53 Minutes
Flo Montoya
Tapping deep creative traditions to satisfy her obsession with Bitcoin.
Illustration | Painting | Serigraphy
44 Minutes
Tom Badley
Banknote designer and author of "Art & Money" explores history, symbolism and the aesthetics of trust.
Design | Lithography | Letterpress | Intaglio | Author
53 Minutes
A product designer taps her creativity and customer focus to honor Bitcoiners.
Design | Painting | Apparel | Jewelry
44 Minutes
A strident call to arms for fast-tracking the hard money Renaissance.
Painting | Sculpture | Architecture | Mixed Media
87 Minutes
A deep dive into the complexities and satisfactions of making art on a bitcoin standard.
Mixed Media
45 Minutes
Bitcoin Cartoons
Whimsical, fun and poignant cartoons for bitcoiners.
Illustration | Cartooning
52 Minutes
Strikingly graphic paintings inspired by deep tradition and sacred geometry that maps beautifully onto Bitcoin’s mysteries and promise.
42 Minutes
Bitcoin Shooter
A distilled lesson in being a self-starter and documentarian.
Nonfiction Filmmaking
46 Minutes
A prolific outpouring of imagery using midjouney in service to Bitcoin.
Promptcrafting | AI | Photoshop
42 Minutes
Brekkie Von Bitcoin
Pivoting into sculpting and the role bitcoin plays in and around his efforts.
30 Minutes
Alladan from Bitcoin Trading Cards
Making collectibles to take Bitcoin mainstream.
Curation | Collectibles | Consumer Products
50 Minutes
The Bitcoin Muse Trailer
A brief synopsis of my intentions.
2 Minutes
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