Tom Badley | Offline.Cash Bitcoin Set (detail) | 2023 | Currency-grade printing and secure NFC chips |

"Bitcoin is one of the few things in this world that is truly avant-garde."
— Tom Badley

I’m joined by banknote designer and author of Art & Money, Tom Badley. His rare skill sets and unique perspectives on history, symbolism and meaning, and art's role in, around and on money are the currency for our conversation. He brings deeply thoughtful reasoning to his own work and weaves a path back to the Baroque for all of us to better understand and ground ourselves for the future. While we have our differing opinions on NFTs and other D.I.N.O. blockchains, we find common ground on creative freedom, trust, scarcity and Bitcoin as the true avant-garde.
Many may have seen Tom's work, "Bukele Bucks" on the cover of Bitcoin Magazine's Orange Party Issue but scrolling around his website and social feeds gave me insights into a man of confidence, depth and rarefied knowledge. While the money printers go brrr, this particular money printer is brrrilliant!
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Run time: 53 minutes.

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