Moozi | Detail from "Bitcoin Series" | 2023 | @l3itc0in

"I see Bitcoin as a counter-culture like Punk or Grunge."

This week on the world’s premier bitcoin art podcast I’m joined by Moozi, a creative voice that only recently popped onto my radar. An avowed bitcoin maximalist who is training his own AI models to evoke what he sees in bitcoin. Weather it’s his Persian-inspired painterly swirls or glimpses of an emergent fashion, his work focuses on an ethos of liberation and sovereignty as a means of ushering in the bitcoin-based future.
The unorthodox style of my podcast is starting to take the form of a cocktail party, or something like that, where you, the listener, walk up and start listening after all the introductions have happened. Today, Moozi and I were talking about blank when you saddled up knowing of course, the show notes would be there to fill in the gaps and allow you to follow up at your leisure.  
Now I don’t know what the heck is going on on X these days or if I’m shadow banned for having a NOSTR public key in my bio but anything you dear listener can do to amplify the message of The Bitcoin Muse, it’s greatly appreciated. Reposting being chief among them.

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Run time: 48 minutes.

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