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"I still have people that say I’m stupid for messing with bitcoin every week, but if I get somebody else to be like, 'Hey, you know what? It’s not stupid...this is why.' And it all started from this image and they went down the rabbit hole, as they say, that would be awesome." — HACKZERO

HACKZERO pours his unencumbered passion for bitcoin into the latest AI tools for image-making. As someone not at all versed in the fine arts, his pure commitment to educating and inspiring deeper understanding of bitcoin hints at a brave new world of voices like his tapping these newfangled beauty engines to express themselves visually for the first time. It’s thought provoking stuff.
This podcast is my way  to move the needle for bitcoin so your ratings and reviews help immensely and I’d really appreciate you sharing this pod in your circles. I have no sponsors so the value for value model has great allure. If you’re not listening on Fountain or Breez apps, maybe down the line you can, and stream or boost some sats this way. I’’m proudly tithing 10% of my stream to OpenSats to help them support bitcoin and other free and open source projects.
I hope you enjoy my conversation with HACKZERO.
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