Guy Satoshi Daiji #1 of 3

Asanoha | GUY SATOSHI DAIJI #1 OF 3 | 2022 | Oil based metallic & triple black primer, stretched canvas on 1.5” gallery bars.

"I like to call my artwork, 'fine art of the remnant for your citadel walls'."
— Asanoha

In this episode I’m joined by Asanoha, who in his podcast debut, elaborates on his artistic origins, the allure of sacred geometry, the role of gold in his work and makes a passionate argument for importance of taking self-custody of private bitcoin.
Along with a variety of Bitcoin symbology and iconography, Asanoha creates geometric artwork. These shapes and patterns he paints and draws speak to the same mathematical truth that bitcoin is built upon.
Transcending the borders, ideology and flaws of man, both bitcoin and sacred geometry honor the fundamental structure of all life and the universe itself. Whether perceived from a scientific or spiritual perspective, these two things remind us that everything is connected.
As bitcoin is the newest and purest form of thermodynamic energy storage and transference, sacred geometry is the oldest and purest form of illustrating the mysterious and wonderful formula known as the human experience.
As a true polymath who heard the call of the muses, he is making work that deftly wrestles with the conceptual and aesthetic challenges presented by bitcoin, and for any number of reasons you’ll hear us discuss, is positioned to stand the test of time.
One of the joys and the premise of this podcast is to hear directly from artists as they articulate their intentions in the context of a culture that swirls dizzyingly around us and how that braids with their understanding of bitcoin. I’m grateful Asanoha chose to share his time and energy doing that here.
This podcast is really trying to embrace and survive on the value for value model. Currently, The Bitcoin Muse is sponsor-free, and may always be that. Let’s see. I can’t emphasize enough the importance streaming and boosted sats make for my efforts, and I’m immensely grateful to those who’ve chosen to do so. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go download the Fountain or Breez apps to listen to this show and start exploring what’s being called Podcasting 2.0 or the value of value model. And, thanks to those who have already boosted and streamed some sats this way.
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NOSTR Public Key: npub1mfndvgwstwm604jvrt07p6nyy898mdsdzzyumx9sdn8u6r4za4uqck6f8v
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Run time: 42 minutes.

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