QUETZALCÓATL as interpreted by Midjouney.

"The artists are the ones that inspire people to take action. And that’s really all that’s important is this world... is what actions do people take." — Bitcoin Shooter

From early on, The Bitcoin Shooter refined his skills and found his voice as a filmmaker. Today, with his powerful grasp of the the available tools, he’s dedicated his talent and energy to help the world understand Bitcoin, not with a heavy hand but with the consummate subtleness of a master storyteller.
This podcast is my way to move the needle for bitcoin so your ratings and reviews help immensely and I’d really appreciate you sharing this pod in your circles. I have no sponsors so the value for value model has great allure. If you’re not listening on Fountain or Breez apps, maybe down the line you can, and stream or boost some sats this way. I’’m proudly tithing 10% of my stream to OpenSats to help them support bitcoin and other free and open source projects.
Despite being a little under the weather during our recording, I got hyped up by this chat. I hope you will be too.
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Bitcoin Shooter on Twiiter: @bitcoinshooter
Bitcoin Shooter on Telegram: https://t.me/bitcoinshooter
Twenty One Feathered Serpents: https://21fs.tv/
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Run time: 46 minutes.

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