Gareth Eckley | "The Bitcoin 3D Price/Time Spiral" | 2022 | Citrine Quartz, Red Opal, Silver, Brass, on Fossilized Wood |

"Great art provokes an emotional reaction in the person that sees it. With great art, your heart responds to it. We need people to have that kind of attachment to the bitcoin philosophy.
— Gareth Eckley

In this episode, I tumble in conversation with Gareth Eckley, a jewelry designer, gemstone carver, metalsmith, and an inspired bitcoin artist whose precious art objects can be found at Gareth and I mine a range of topics from eliciting emotional responses to art and the molecular structure of opals, to the stark dichotomies of modernity and potential new forms of charity. All of it set amidst his ongoing understanding of bitcoin and polished by his breadth of experience.
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Twitter Feed: @gareth_eckley
Instagram: @portraitcameos
YouTube: @artofsatoshi
NOSTR: npub1ta2v0rhkql3tjkenjs52k07dge2yn99fkpu30retq0c3qafnm9wqqsrl5j
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Run time: 53 minutes.

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