Michael Gambino | Detail of "No.167. June 16, 2023" | 7" x 9" (on 11" x 12" canvas) Oil on Canvas. No. 167 of a 365 piece series. | 2023 | etsy.com

"When I hear people talk about Bitcoin it's like a movie trailer for the future."
— Michael Gambino

This week on the world’s premier bitcoin art podcast I’m joined by my friend Michael Gambino, co-owner with his wife Lisa of an advertising agency, Kangbino, a college professor and a painter, illustrator, filmmaker and musician. We sat down together in my living room to bring his unique perspective on the matters of bitcoin art and creativity. While he's not a steeped in the bitcoin ethos as I am, I think his innate sense of curiosity and open-mindedness is a treat to explore and to bounce ideas off. We've been friends a long time and he's endured any number of my attempts to orange pill him and his wife. He's always asked interesting questions of me along the way and today's conversation was no exception. It's just us sitting in the same room, a first for this podcast, and letting the conversation drift naturally across the landscape of art and bitcoin. He's the kind of person who makes a good barometer of where we might be in the timeline of the emergent Renaissance 2.0 and I hope you agree.
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Also, a quick note. we recorded this podcast a few months ago and I was holding it in reserve. As a result I broke my streak of mentioning Pubkey somewhere in our chat. Instead, I just said it now so I'm gonna say that counts! Cheers to all of you listening to and sharing The Bitcoin Muse and enjoy the episode with Michael Gambino.
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Run time: 48 minutes.

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