World of Rusty | "Bitcoin in Cyberspace" | 2023 |

"If someone says they want to be dressed as Rambo riding a unicorn over a rainbow, I'm your guy. I'll make that happen."
— World of Rusty

This week on the world’s premier bitcoin art podcast I’m joined by World of Rusty, a memetic engineer, a meme artist, a memer. It's hard to find the right term for this low-fi, brutalist form of messaging so he's our guide to the abundant world of bitcoin memes. As a member of the non-existent collective known as the Memefactory™, he's a passionate artist often consumed by a project for himself or any number of high-profile bitcoiners. Our conversation started in earnest with some kind words about my podcast and we were off to the races.

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Run time: 43 minutes.

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