Finished chocolates from one of Roger 9000's "Bit Choc Rocks" chocolate making workshops.

"I don't understand why every musician isn't writing [music] about Bitcoin or Satoshi."
Roger 9000

This week, Roger 9000, a musician, chocolate-maker, podcaster and a deeply original, free thinking bitcoiner wanders with me on a conversational stroll across a metaphysical landscape of aspirations, dreams, speculations, memories, vexing paradoxes around the meaning of life and the role of bitcoin. I'd love to say I dove deep into Roger's music or chocolate making but as you'll hear, it ended up being more like a late night chat around a campfire where only Roger and I were awake, too immersed in philosophical profundities to notice everyone else had gone to bed.
Seven time zones separated Roger and I on the day and the fact that we were being recorded would have seemed like a tertiary concern to both of us if it weren't for the glitchy internet connection and software problems that made a mangled mess of the audio and that I've attempted to recover in post. He's a good-natured and patient fellow and I hope I've done justice to this record of our time together. There are a couple slightly disjointed edits but as a whole, I think it's still a fun and heady rip.
I can't stress enough how important is to share this podcast within your circles of creative folks. Even just a simple repost of the episode on Twitter, NOSTR or Vero, helps a ton. And if you're listening on a podcasting 2.0 app like Fountain or Breez, you should know that 10% of all those streams and boosts split to help @OpenSats fund bitcoin and other free and open-source projects.
Thanks to Roger 9000 for sharing his time, energy and musical and mythical meanderings.

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Run time: 58 minutes.

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