Adam Kadmon | "The Bitcoin Religion VIII" (detail) | 2023 | 100cm x 60cm x 3cm |

"I will not start producing art for fiat. I want to be a bitcoin artist for the bitcoin community, for bitcoin, nothing else. Fiat is not important to me."
Adam Kadmon

This week, Adam Kadmon, a fine artist who is as accomplished with a pencil as he is running his laser cutter to make his incredibly detailed and mathematically precise sculptural art works. Those latter pieces, done in series and painstakingly designed, cut, painted and guided are mesmerizing to see in person. Reminiscent of ornamentation established from earliest antiquity, his Bitcoin Mandalas and Bitcoin Religions are layered high-relief totems evoking bitcoin's clock-like beauty, it's perennial mysteries and embody a notion we fully embrace here at the The Bitcoin Muse, that a Renaissance 2.0 is upon us.
Reading some of his own words from his website, his unapologetic commitment to his artistic mission is clear. Through the process of exploring the [bitcoin] rabbit hole, He found his path as an artist. Due to his hatred of the banking system and censorship, and his predestination to create art, he fully dedicated his time and energy to working in that direction. He has never felt more confident in the path he is headed now; to contribute to the Bitcoin community in the best way possible - through his art. Be sure to visit this episode's dedicated webpage at or the show notes for links to all Adam's online efforts and galleries of his work.
I can't stress enough how important is to share this podcast with the world. I don't exactly do a ton of pushing my work on anyone so any amplification of my tweets go a long way to helping get the message out there. Reposting of the episode on Twitter, NOSTR or Vero, is appreciated. As always, if you're listening on a podcasting 2.0 app like Fountain or Breez, you should know that 10% of all those streams and boosts split to help @OpenSats fund bitcoin and other free and open-source projects.
So, Adam and I took some time to chat before recording both to establish a bit of trust and to figure out the parameters of maintaining his anonymity. As is now de rigueur, I later found a spot to drop in where we were discussing the speed of technological advance and the Y2K phenomenon that many fretted at the turn of the millennium. Enjoy!
Thanks to Adam Kadmon for sharing his time, energy and sincerity with The Bitcoin Muse.

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Run time: 48 minutes.

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