"How do we reach the general public? How do we reach people that have a strong cognitive dissonance...that have this major block? That's the most difficult person to reach. And artists have that ability, without having to explain it. With art, you don't have to talk. You just give them something and let them decide what the meaning of that is."
— Alladan
In order to joyfully bring the intimidating and complicated ideas swirling around bitcoin into the mainstream, Alladan created Bitcoin Trading Cards. Carefully curating and enlisting artists from around the world to help him distill bitcoin down to easily digestible and fun trading cards, his process and path are equal parts passion and rigor. Don't be fooled by the pop-culture nature of his efforts. He's a dedicated and optimistic player in bringing about hyperbitcoinization.
I’m new to podcasting but as I understand it, your ratings and reviews help immensely and I’d really appreciate you sharing this in your circles and subscribing. Obviously, I have no sponsors so the value for value model has it’s allure. If you’re not listening on Fountain or Breez apps, maybe down the line you can, stream me some sats and we can figure it out together.
Our conversation started in earnest as we were doing the sound check so we just drop in as it unfolded. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Alladan from Bitcoin Trading Cards.
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Bitcoin Trading Cards: https://btc-tc.com/
Bitcoin Trading Cards on Twitter: @btc_cards
Alladan on Twitter @bitcoinliferaft
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Run time: 50 minutes.

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