Maurizio Cattelan | "Comedian" | 2019 | Banana, Duct tape

"In life we get nothing at all without some effort, and the best rewards of all are those we receive after hard work." 
— The Cultural Tutor

In this episode, I don’t have a guest. Instead, I decided to channel Guy Swann and Bitcoin Audible to read an essay from a newsletter I get every week written by The Cultural Tutor. Specifically, it’s Areopagus Volume LII. In this particular missive he deviated from his normal format and touched on a perennial lament that I thought would resonate in bitcoin circles around the problems modern art. This a fairly erudite affair but I think it's worth our contemplation. The newsletter link is worth clicking because several of the artworks mentioned are worth a gander.
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Run time: 41 minutes.

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