"With my custom-made shoes, with the canvases and the clothes I'm making, I just want to honor the customer, the bitcoiner, the builders, the people who think different, and make a statement with their belief in bitcoin and change something."
— Lena

Lena is a bitcoin artist hewn from the world of high-end product design. With her eponymous brand, she is now dedicated to painting custom sneakers, making clothing and designing jewelry with plans for more.  Her emotional connection and meticulous focus on customer satisfaction balances with her artistic impulses. Prioritizing her clients' stories, she brings professional design savvy and delicate precision to her brand identity without shying away from painterly abstractions. Lena is a rare, gifted hybrid and a lovely conversationalist despite English being her third language.
Lena and I recorded our conversation with her in Germany and me in New York but it almost felt like we were having a coffee in some cozy cafe as I inquired about her life and work and shared snippets of my own. I hope you enjoy it.
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Run time: 44 minutes.

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