Alex Schaefer | "The Fed in Flames" (detail) | Work in Progress | Oil on canvas, 20" x 38" |

"So many of America's problems,
addiction, depression, racism, xenophobia...
this is all rooted in the money." 
— Alex Schaefer

Alex Schaefer, best known for his paintings of burning banks, bookends our longer conversation about creating art and technological advances with eloquent and passionate disdain for the Federal Reserve and its downstream malignancies. As the kids say, it's fire! Alex brought a wonderful animated energy to our discussion that must have made him a favorite among his students at California's ArtCenter College of Design. And he has lots of share about his chosen profession of painting, how we might interpret his and other's work and possibly provide inspiration for other artists in their chosen media. All the while remaining clear-eyed about producing meaningful, painterly quality amidst the fiat-fueled dumpster fires ablaze around us.
As usual, we drop into our conversation with no introductions; but all his links, including to his online gallery, and many of the topics that came up, are in the show notes. Safe to say searching PaintwithAlex will take you to him. Enjoy this rip with Alex Schaefer as he brings the heat.
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Run time: 65 minutes.

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