Slumberjack | #96 Vote Bitcoin (Detail) | 2023 | Ink on paper

"I really don't learn anything or achieve anything if you don't laugh. If you don't laugh, it's probably not that great of a cartoon."
— Slumberjack, the Bitcoin Cartoonist

This episode is a conversation-turned-parlor game with Steven, a.k.a., Slumberjack, creator of Bitcoin Cartoons. We discuss his process and inspirations but also engage in the some fun as he leads me in a game of "Name That 'Toon" using his delightful and funny political cartoons. Because this is an audio-only podcast, if you want to play along, just scroll down this page. There you’d find the images Steven shared with me and the time-stamps that sync with our audio. It’s worth taking a second to do that.
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Twitter Feed: @bitcoincartoons
NOSTR Public Key: npub18qqmsypsyvvjq23aa428fm50cjz2patdcxp2f68wnccv03kpfy2syk70fa
Mentioned in the Episode
Roman Mars' TED Talk "Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed"

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Each cartoon is captioned with the timestamp when it's mentioned in the episode.

Timestamp 3:40 | Counterfeit Currency

Timestamp 6:30 | #12 Bitcoin Burns Bridges

Timestamp: 8:50

Timestamp 10:40

Timestamp 14:15

Timestamp 15:30

Timestamp 16:25

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Run time: 52 minutes.

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