MADEX | Nameless #642 1/1 Original (Detail) | 2018-2022 | Mixed Media

"Everything on this earth that we can possibly produce requires an artist — someone who can look behind the curtain, see beyond the veil and can bring that godly energy into our world."  — MADEX

Today we drop a match into the can of turpentine that is, MADEX, an artist of some renown in bitcoin circles. His layered paintings and original script share the artist's studio with his deep convictions, valuable insights, informed opinions, and his grand and passionate plans. I’m honored to have had a chance to speak with and listen to MADEX in this tour de force of complex ideas, rarely expressed.
My understanding is he hasn’t made too many podcast appearances so I’m grateful to The Bitcoin Path and 21ism for their prior interviews and helping me to prepare my thoughts and questions. Little did I know, it wouldn’t take much to get him going! He layers his thoughts like he does his paintings and the end result is a richer understanding of the man, the world and the possibilities for artistic endeavor open to all of us.
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Run time: 87 minutes.

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