This is the Bitcoin Muse and I’m Clay Enos. I’m a professional photographer and bitcoiner. After years of lurking, I’m excited to embark on this new podcasting journey with you.
I intend the Bitcoin Muse to be an exploration of how artists are being inspired and transformed by Bitcoin. Not as a money or a network, but as a truth machine, or as Max Kaiser suggests, as love, or Gigi’s notion of Bitcoin as a clock. Perhaps it’s a metronome for a musician, or a mysterious, unfolding landscape for a painter. I intend to dig into that landscape. To see what we can uncover about Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation through the veil of art. I’m keen to hear if Saifedeen Ammous’ scathing critiques of modern art hold water or if Stacy Herbert’s "Renaissance 2.0" rings true for anyone else, like it does for me.
I’m not a coder or a macro-economist, I come from another place, steeped in the vernacular of aesthetics and craftsmanship. And for any number of reasons, the siren song of bitcoin lured me into the class of 2017.  Now, years later and thousands of hours of Marty Bent, Matt Odell, Guy Swan, John Vallis and countless others, I’m putting my voice into the mix.
My plan is converse with visual artists, musicians, writers, performers and historians to uncover the myriad ways in which Bitcoin has influenced their creative process, their resulting works, and perhaps inspire others to explore further, to learn a little more, and be equally inspired by Bitcoin.
Join me. And bear with me as I learn out loud with all of you on The Bitcoin Muse. Coming Soon.™
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