"I don’t believe there’s any other art form out there that is right on the cutting edge and at the heart of the revolution. To be part of that..., creating something that I believe has a lot of value for humanity..., is the most exciting thing about being a bitcoin artist."
— Rebel

I’m joined by mixed-media artist, Rebel. His evolution as an artist is perfectly reflected in his work that wrestles with many of the big ideas and aesthetic challenges posed by bitcoin. I admire his commitment and unwavering dedication to the high standards he perceives bitcoin inspires in everyone, but especially, artists.
It’s great to hear difficult ideas eloquently articulated and it was fun to chat with someone who knows the world of podcasting first hand. His work with 21ism helped germinate The Bitcoin Muse and still provides me with a valuable resource.
As kindred spirits, Rebel and I quickly got immersed in conversation so I just hit record and off we went exploring the role of art in a world where bitcoin exists. We went fairly deep out of the gate and didn’t really come back up. I'm sorry that many of the formalities of podcasting, introductions, URLs, Twitter handles and alike didn’t get spoken so be sure to pop into the show notes to find Rebel’s compelling work and social feeds.
I feel like we could have bounced ideas back and forth for hours but as you’ll hear in a second, we both think it wise to honor everyone’s time with brevity, even if it leaves one wanting for more. I hope you enjoy this contemplative rip with Rebel.
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Run time: 45 minutes.

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