Awakening by Brekkie von Bitcoin

Brekkie von Bitcoin | AWAKENING | 2022 | carved calacatta marble

"I think bitcoin is so important it deserves beautiful art. That’s what I hope I can provide."
— Brekkie von Bitcoin

Brekkie  is someone I’ve admired from afar for years, his commitment to mastery and courage to learn in public wasn’t lost on me  so it was a thrill to have this conversation. I hope you enjoy it.
This podcast is my fledgling effort to move the needle for bitcoin so your ratings and reviews help immensely and I’d really appreciate you sharing this pod in your circles. I have no sponsors  so the value for value model has great allure. If you’re not listening on Fountain or Breez apps, maybe down the line you can, and stream or boost some sats this way. I’ve just figured out splits and made OpenSats recipient of 10% of my stream
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Run time: 50 minutes.

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