Jure Kastalic | Detail of "Pleb with laptop" | 200 x 200cm Acrylic on Canvas | 2023 | jurekastelic.com

"I'm trying to find different ways to talk about bitcoin without using too much contemporary visual language."
— Jure Kastelic

This week on the world’s premier Bitcoin art podcast I’m joined by painter Jure Kastelic. whose recent, large paintings evoke mythological themes of old melded with the emerging themes that Bitcoin inspires. He's got a great experiences inside the oft-maligned contemporary art world and a family history directly affected by hyperinflation. He's a photographer who found paint was a better medium for exploring bitcoin's unfolding effects on humanity. With some work measuring as large as two meters wide and equally tall, Jure's work is figurative, textured, colorful and somewhat surreal and mysterious. Obviously, I'd encourage everyone to visit his website or Instagram feed to see his work for yourself but if you're driving I can say his work reminds me of Gauguin in Tahiti and Degas mixed with Gustav Klimt and hints of the surrealist, Giorgio de Chirico. It's original and inviting that bears contemplation in its painterly subtleties. With titles like "Pleb with laptop," "Mrs Honey and the Badger" or "P2P" they are smile-inducing nods to Bitcoin and bitcoiners. Be sure to check them out at your leisure at jurekastelic.com or linked from thebitcoinmuse.com.
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And now, we join my conversation with Jure Kastelic as we were discussing the turning of the tables where he's the guest on a podcast rather than the guy listening them. He's not my first guest whose never previously been tapped by the legions of other Bitcoin podcasts but I'm going to put a feather in my cap for that and let you enjoy this episode of The Bitcoin Muse.
Please remember to rate, review and most of all share this podcast with the world. Let's try and raise the profile of art and beauty in this world all to often dominated by macro doom & gloom and divisiveness. Let's instead share inspiration about Bitcoin and those creating Bitcoin art.
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