A Midjourney/Photoshop riff on the Scarce City logo.

"Most bitcoin artists love bitcoin so much, they'll do whatever they can do to further its adoption. And creating art is the way they know to do it.
Chris Tramount

This week, Chris Tramount, co-founder of Scarce City, a marketplace to sell bitcoin-inspired art through auctions or directly by using bitcoin. He believes that bitcoin’s finest goods should be sold according to the network’s properties of pseudonymous, borderless, permissionless, trust minimized, and verifiable authenticity and supply. We wander across numerous topics, some triggering, but mostly optimistic around the role technology and artistic intention might play in forging our bitcoin world.
This conversation has been a long time coming as his name has come up a few of my previously recorded rips. He spends his days working in behalf of the very creative people for whom I have made the focus of The Bitcoin Muse and I'm genuinely thankful for his efforts. Scarce.city too has become a magnet for artists inspired by bitcoin and I consider it booth a resource and a temptress for my precious sats. Be sure to check it out.
Please share this podcast. Even if you just repost me on Twitter, NOSTR or Vero, any additional reach helps. And if you listen on a podcasting 2.0 app like Fountain or Breez, you should know that 10% of all those streams and boosts split to help @OpenSats fund bitcoin and other free and open-source projects.
Thanks to Chris for sharing his time, energy and creative championing with the bitcoin muse. Onward!

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Run time: 47 minutes.

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