Marcus Connor | "Fiat Land" | 2023 | Back cover of Bitcoin Magazine Issue 28 - The Broke Issue |

"It's a message of emancipation... free ourselves, help each other to be free. That's the message of Bitcoin. That's the message of the art."
Marcus Connor

This week, Marcus Connor joins me to discuss his most famous creation, The Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy as well as some of his latest work and ideas around design, artistic discipline and of course, bitcoin. With some time to reflect on my chat, I was reminded of a saying that "the muses have to find you working" and Marcus is a great example of just that, plus, he's a wonderful dose of optimism.
Marcus' now iconic roller coaster guy is a perennial fixture on twitter and nostr and alike when bitcoin's volatility kicks in. One you've likely seen, it's an animated cartoon bitcoin, bright orange and smiling with stick-like arms held high while riding in a single red car of a roller coaster as it quickly rises and falls on a wooden track. It's a joyful looped gif that was created in 2013 and as you'll hear, took on a mimetic life of it's own. Today, Marcus continues to explore and express his understanding of bitcoin and his ongoing relationship with his roller coaster guy at There you'll find illustrations, sculptures, animations, paintings and consumer products that tap emotions familiar to even the most fresh-faced bitcoiner.
Marcus and I were discussing how artists aren't always the best marketers and I chose that as the best place to cut into our conversation. Because these rips don't offer the standard introductions and closing thoughts it's on me to remind you to check the show notes or to visit to find links to all my guests, their respective websites and social streams.
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Run time: 46 minutes.

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